My husband Jon and I were sharing dinner with good friends. Conversation got around to our work and how things were going.

I mentioned that I was taking a course called “Uncluttered.” The inevitable question followed. 


That was also the question Joshua Becker put to us in the first session of the course.  You see, Joshua knows full well that unless there is a strong clear reason, a written stated purpose, many will simply give up on completing the course.  He understands human nature.

I thought often about this question throughout the first week.  I am an orderly person.  I don’t have a tendency to collect “stuff.” I am not particularly sentimental and definitely not prone to disorder.

So why did I commit to this and what would motivate me enough to stay engaged on this 12-week journey?  (Twelve weeks, people!)


My business, Upscale Downsizing was birthed out of the joy I discovered as I walked alongside a number of wonderful mature couples who were leaving large family homes to settle into smaller places.  In each of these cases, it was their adult children who engaged me because they knew full well that someone without personal emotional attachment would be needed in the process of helping their parents to 'let go.'


Our homes tells our stories, and so they should. As you walk through the rooms of my home, you will get a sense of what I enjoy, the things I value, and perhaps a bit about the places I have traveled or the hobbies I have embraced. 

Our homes can also be places where things accumulate and before we know if, we can feel stifled; overrun with clutter!

Downsizing is taking the time needed to edit our stories.  We elect to continue to surround ourselves with only that which continues to serve us well, and gives us great joy.


It’s two fold. 

I hope to gain new tools in understanding how to walk alongside the wonderful people I serve AND I want to live an uncluttered life. 

I long for the daily rhythms of my life to be joyous and peaceful.  I want to know where things are; be able to quickly put my fingers on something I need, and know the peace and emotional freedom of traveling “light.”  

In a culture that can be engulfed in the accumulation of material goods I want to be another voice that calls, inspires and encourages people to pursue the MORE OF LESS.